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Leaving the puns to Pod, the Dragons are dead

CarraFleet, Feb 1, 11 8:02 AM.
Took us a bit longer to get Valiona and Theralion down but it happened on Sunday.  That's three bosses in two raid weeks, great job guys! Now for Omnitron tonight!!!

Magmaw is no maw(bad pun alert)

Poddington, Jan 23, 11 4:34 PM.
Magmaw goes down after our first night of attempts on him! We had a few sloppy attempts but pulled it all together and after a few close tries managed to finish him off with Naxy's mining pick. Good job to everyone at the kill and a thanks to everyone who participated in attempts, go brush up on Valiona and Theralion as they'll be down on Tuesday!

Halfus WyrmBROKEN

Poddington, Jan 18, 11 5:47 PM.
Halfus Wyrmbreaker is down! Congrats to everyone who was there at the kill and a big thank you to all those who have participated in attempts over the past week. The kill caps a very successful first week for the guild and all members have played a part in this, so give yourselves a pat on the back.
Moving onwards an upwards our next targets will be Valiona and Theralion followed by Magmaw, saw make sure before attending raids you've brushed up on all your tactics for both of these bosses!


Civildisobediance, Jan 12, 11 8:26 PM.
Good job to all those who entered Baradin Hold and downed the first boss. We have only been going a day and with the nature of guilds and raiding to down any kind of boss within a day of a new guild starting is excellent.

Good job to all of you! Now on to Bastion of Twilight!


Civildisobediance, Jan 12, 11 8:54 AM.
We require all our members to sign up so they can view member specific content for raiding and guild news.

Also we will calculate your DKP on this site so if you are not signed up it will be difficult and less organised when keeping track of it. please sign up ASAP or feel my wrath!
Welcome to Civil Disobediance!

We are a newly formed guild on EU Frostmane with an average ilvl of 345+ Our focus is PvE content in Cataclysm after individually and collectively clearing content in both previous expansions.

We're currently open to recruiting Healers, Rogues, Mages, Hunters and a Feral Druid with a minimum ilvl of 345.

After only a short time together we're already taking down bosses in both BoT and BWD.

Halfus and Magmaw are no more. RIP!

If you are interested please visit our forum, sign up and enter an application.

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